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We provide an examination service, syllabus and videos for Ballet, Modern / Jazz,  Tap, Contemporary & Street Dance.  for Primary - Advanced levels. All of this is accessed online via the members page.  

We know how much hard work, time and effort (and don't forget stress) go into organising an exam session for your pupils. That's why we have a profit share system in place, so as long as the minimum day fee is met, you will get to keep some of the exam fees collected.


          Ballet, Tap, Modern/Jazz, Contemporary &      

          Street Dance syllabus (curriculum)

          Teaching Assistant Training

          Videos of every exercise to refer to

          Suggested Music lists

          Examination booking forms

          Profit share on exam sessions

The exam syllabi (curriculum) have been created by a range of different professional dancers all who are the top of their field.  All contributors are or have been professional dancers including in ballet companies, street crews, West End Theatre, Cruise ship work, contemporary companies, and have studied in a wide range of settings and styles.  This ensures the correct diversity needed for the TDSC syllabus creation. The professionals who have been included in the creation of the syllabus are:

Jo Morgan - Bird College, RAD HQ, York Ballet Scholars

Lauren Blanchard - Performers College

Daniel Harrison - Royal Ballet School / Laine Theatre Arts

Macaulay Nicholson - London Studio Centre

Maddie Jackson - Performers College

Mollie Thorpe - Performers College

Jess Glendinning 

Louise Durrant


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