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The ethos of our dance exam board is rooted in fostering a positive and enriching experience for every child who participates in our examinations. Our primary goal is to instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment in each student, regardless of their aspirations in dance – be it a recreational pursuit or a pathway to a professional career in the arts. We are committed to maintaining high standards in dance training, ensuring that each examination is a fair and accurate reflection of the student's abilities. We recognize and celebrate the diversity of goals within our dance community, offering equal opportunities for those seeking a casual and enjoyable dance experience as well as those aspiring to pursue a more dedicated path in dance. Our exam process is designed not only to evaluate technical proficiency but also to nurture creativity, passion, and a lifelong love for dance.


Some of the best dance teachers have no formal qualifications - only their experience.   These fantastic, yet unqualified teachers are sometimes losing pupils as they are unable to enter pupils for exams - which is a big plus point, especially for parents.  

From experience a lot of organisations provide very costly teacher training programmes which primarily teach the syllabus - they are expected to already know the basics of technique and how to teach these young dancers.

There must be a better and cheaper way to just learn the syllabus - A trained dancer can easily do it with a syllabus book and a good DVD of the work.  This can save on expensive courses to learn any updated work too.

Many organisations also expect you to take time out of your busy schedule and pay to go on CPD courses.  Whilst we understand the great importance of CPD in an ever changing industry, we also believe there is a cheaper, easier and less time consuming way to do this.

It is possible to provide everything that is needed to run a dance school from one place and for one small fee - and The Dance School Company was born.


At the heart of our mission is the commitment to bring the joy of dance to all, and this is reflected in the friendly and encouraging approach of our examiners. Each examiner is meticulously trained to the high standards set by TDSC, ensuring not only the maintenance of dance excellence in our examinations but also a dedication to our ethos of nurturing and motivating every child. Our examiners go beyond assessing technical proficiency; they strive to create an environment where students feel supported and inspired to showcase their best abilities. We believe in fostering a positive experience for each participant, regardless of their dance aspirations, and our dedicated team of examiners plays a pivotal role in realizing this vision by combining expertise with a warm and encouraging demeanor.

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Get Inspired by Real People


Anywhere, anytime

All the files you need will be accessible anywhere, anytime.

Forgotten to bring your syllabus to class - just access it online.

Can't quite remember the setting to the exercise - check the online video

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