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  • Is it UK based exams only?
    Whilst we are a UK based organisation, we can offer exams to other countries remotely - either by a live Zoom exam, or submission of a video exam.
  • Will an examiner come to me?
    Yes - for all UK based exams. Once you have applied for your exam session an examiner will be allocated to cover your session and they will come to your studio. If the examiner arrives by train they may need to be picked up from the train station the morning of the exam. If the examiner travels by car they will go straight to your studio. For exams in other countries an online Zoom exam or video submission exam will be available
  • What if I can't cover the cost of the minimum day rate for exams?
    If you don't have enough students yet to cover the exam minimum day rate you have a couple of options: 1. Charge the students slightly more for their exams to make up the difference (they would need to be informed this is what you were doing), or make up the difference from the dance school accounts. 2. Choose to do a Zoom exam rather than have an examiner come to you. There would be no minimum day rate for this kind of exam session 3. Team up with another local TDSC school to combine your exam session to help achieve the minimum day rate
  • If I find it's not for me am I able to cancel my subscription?
    Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time by giving 2 weeks notice and emailing
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