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Whilst we are a UK based company, by the power of technology we are able to offer international examination services

  • An examiner will come to you for your exam session providing you can reach the minimum day rate

  • If you don't can have enough students yet to cover the exam minimum day rate you have a few options

  1. Charge the student slightly more for the exam to make up the difference (they will need to be informed this is what you are doing), or make up the difference from the Dance school accounts.​

  2. Choose to do a zoom / remote exam rather than have an examiner come to you.  There is no minimum day rate for this type of exam.

  3. Team up with another local TDSC school to combine exam session to help achieve the minimum day rate.

  • If all pupils are English speaking then a zoom / remote exam can be arranged with the examiner communicating with the students within their exam

  • If pupils are not all English speaking then there is an option of:

  1. A zoom / remote exam where the Dance school teacher leads the exam session.​

  2. A video submission of the exam work led by a teacher.

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